DCG seeks out existing opportunities in manufacturing as well as creating new companies. The team analyzes each opportunity for expansion market potential as well as creating new opportunities in the industry for potential maximum return on investment and societal gain.

  • Saber Industries - Missouri  

  • Nevada Arrow - Nevada

  • Affiliated Apparel & Accessories (AAA)



Desert Crossroads Development (DCD)seeks out key properties for its visionary designs and management which could generate maximum returns on investments and achieve social benefit.

  • City within the City Master Plan – Pennsylvania



DCG Hotel & Hospitality Corporation seeks out key hotel opportunities to acquire for revitalization or catapult it under a new brand or total overhaul. DCG utilizes its team’s expertise on a case by case basis to analyze the existing business model for generating opportunities or perhaps the property just requires upgrades for maximum return on investments.

  • Pocono Mountains Hotel & Resort (PA.) – Under Negotiations        

  • Boutique Hotel (Las Vegas, Nevada) – Under Negotiations



Desert Star Real Estate & Management Corp.seeks out opportunities for raw land and existing commercial - industrial properties where a niche opportunity potentially fits the organization's vision for new opportunities or revitalization. All targeted PPAs are analyzed by the team for its future growth, its investments, its optimal return on investment and social gain.

  • Commercial Office Building #1

  • Commercial Medical Office Building #2



DCG seeks out existing opportunities in IT development. The team analyzes each opportunity for expansion market potential as well as creating new opportunities in the industry.

  • Desert Star (Media & Technology)

  • Software Development – Under Negotiations

  • Guardian Securities & Surveillance Corporation – Under Negotiations



DCG knows and respects the whims and shortcomings of the business dream, its necessary survival, and the strive for success however that may be defined. DCG knows golden opportunities arise and frequently fade that just never quite obtain support either from financing or management or a failed risk along the way.  DCG embraces the spirit of the entrepreneur and the pillar that the hold on tightly leap into risking everything earned and learned into some glimmering passion.  DCG seeks entrepreneurs to reach out to us and share your proposition.



Real estate crowdfunding is a system made possible by financing real estate projects through a pool of normal people (The crowd). Giving entrepreneurs the power of locking in real estate projects without depending on any banks or financial institutions.



Blockchain technology is the technology that is used to record the transactions. Blockchain technology is being used to create a permanent, public, transparent ledger system for compiling data on sales, tracking digital use and payments.

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