OUR EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT TEAM is a group of diversified professionals with hands-on knowledge from a vast spectrum of business management and industries. They have all joined together to manage the growth of the DCG Property, Programs and Acquisitions (PPAs) present and future platforms created. Additionally, DCG’s executive advisors and board members cover many business platforms and industries with extensive knowledge of business operations, execution and growth potentials.

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Founder and Visionary

Global Financing    

For over 15-years Philip has participated and overseen creative finance platforms (SBLC | BG | Bonds | Trades for global type funding programs. Philip holds experience in such transactions involving outside investors (private – public), IMF financial institutions, and global trade platforms.

Corporate Business       

For over 30-years, Philip has owned or operated businesses which involve overseeing ; strategic planning (vision, structure, implementation, exit strategies), financial criteria (budgets and annual - GAAP reports), implementation of executive staff, communication of public media (press releases, live press conferences) and global negotiations (global trade) including Argentina (Buenos Aires), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Belgium (Brussels), Canada (Vancouver), Chile (Santiago), China (Shanghai), Italy (Rome, Milan, Sicily), India (Hyderabad, Mumbai), Switzerland (Zurich, Geneva), U.A.E. (Abu Dhabi), Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Ming) and the United Kingdom 

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Chief Executive Officer

For the last 25 years, Todd has extensive experience in the operation and financial prosperity of entrepreneurial businesses. To this end, Todd has served in the head financial executive capacity where he was primarily running operations, raising capital, overseeing finances and leading staff. Todd also has been a management consultant for over 30 companies creating blueprints, business plans and turnarounds. He has been a part of the lows of business - bankruptcies along with the dot com and real estate crashes, but also the highs such as company launches, liquidity events and turnarounds. Todd wrote a bylined business column for the DeKalb County Business Newspaper for 3 years. 

Todd earned his MBA in finance from

Northern Illinois University and his bachelor's degree from

Augustana College in Rock Island, IL.




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USA & Central America Regional Manager

Juan holds a 20-year strong and diverse, hands-on background in finance, real estate, hi-tech manufacturing and hotel hospitality.




West Coast & Asia Regional Manager

As a West Coast & Asia Regional Manager, Terry oversees a dedicated team of consultants focused on ensuring the long-term success, growth and efficiency of all Desert Crossroads Group's subsidiaries. This includes, but, not limits the managing of client relationships and providing the utmost professional care and support. Terry brings over 3 years of experience in the alternative Investments industry, crowdfunding, block chain technology and over 12 years focused on professional services within the hospitality industry.


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East Coast Regional Manager

Kelly oversees out unique and niche markets for the organization for the numerous portfolio businesses. This includes meeting with many business sectors such as local and state community infrastructure as well as political involvement. Kelly holds strong understanding in developing markets in area seeking economic growth through development and technology. 

Kelly served on the Delaware River Toll Bridge Commission, a legal secretary, former manager of a sporting goods and apartment leasing organization. Kelly is a very competitive professional earning honors as a top athlete and former MVP in basketball in both college and high school. Achieving honors in high school Hall of Fame status in basketball by her peers.




Chief Technology Officer

Information Technology (IT) Specialist with hands-on experience in the industries of Medical Technical Devises, Sales, Remote Administration, Software Documentation, Electronic Manufacturing and Healthcare.


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Senior Marketing Officer

Christine oversees the full spectrum of Marketing and Advertising for Desert Crossroads Group Holdings and it’s Portfolio Companies. Holding over 35-years of Global experience in Marketing and Media.

Christine founded and oversaw Creative Pinnacle for over 30-years which was a full spectrum Marketing Agency that specializes in Graphics Design, Advertising, Web Designs, Digital & Traditional Media, Broadcasting (radio, podcast, advertising) Campaigns and but not limited to Public Relations (PR).

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Colorado University(1985)
Associates of Arts Degree - Colorado Institute of Arts(1984)

Won Women’s Federated Arts Award (1979)

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Executive Business Director

With extensive financial and managerial experience from such entertainment conglomerates as Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. and Sony, Jeannie brings to DCG dedication grown from hard work ethics as well as leadership in achieving challenging goals.  More recently, Jeannie has honed her Sales & Marketing skills by exceeding goals, year over year and leading her team in surpassing all of their clients’ expectations with Hilton Hotels & Resorts for the past 7 years.  As Executive Business Director, she is excited to introduce our phenomenal new products to potential investors and driving our company towards achieving all objectives for an amazing future for everyone.



Media Executive

Desi got her start at the University of Arizona, where she earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Public Health Education and Behavior Change. Later was recruited to work in sales and marketing for a leading vacation ownership resort. For more than a decade Desi has worked for major hospitality brands such as Westin, Marriott and Hilton.

Presently, with extensive experience in marketing, promotions and sales Desi grew into promoting smaller leisure brands by leveraging official licenses with Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and more.